Wedgie Dice

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It’s Wedgie Time!! Wedgie Dare Dice makes giving and receiving Wedgie Dares Fun!!.

Roll your Way to a fun night of Wedgie Dares. The Wedgie Dice turns your mobile device into a fun game loaded with unlimited Wedgie Dares.

•An exciting new way to decide your Wedgie Dares
•Unlimited dare combinations with dice
•Play alone or with your friends
•Beginner and Advanced Wedgie Dice
•Upgrade to Create your Own Custom Wedgie Dares Dice

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Wedgie Dares Wheel

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The Wedgie Wheel turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod into a fun game loaded with Wedgie Dares.

Gather a group of friends and let the spinning wheel decide your wedgie fate. The wedgie wheel is a fun alternative to traditional wedgie dares. Spin the wheel to receive a dare and than the game will randomly pick a dare for you to complete.

Spin your Way to a fun night of Wedgie Dares.


★ An exciting new way to decide your Wedgie Dares
★ Play alone or with your friends
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 (Available Now  for Android, iPhone, iPad & Ipod Touch)

Looking for a new fun, interactive Wedgie Game, than this app is for you!

Wedgie Hunt is an entertaining interactive game available for iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch android mobile devices. Wedgie Hunt takes the traditional scavenger hunt to the next level with today’s mobile technology allowing you to plan, organize and participate in a fun wedgie hunt in just minutes.

Now with your phone you can easily set up a custom wedgie hunt by creating your own custom items or by picking items from our vast library. Players take pictures of wedgies on the hunt with their mobile device to complete items on list. Players will have live updates as everyone completes items and whoever completes the most wedgies in the specified time wins!!!!

The best part is that you can play a one on one game or a multi player game with your friends. Want to make new wedgie buddies? You can by joining other wedgie hunts. Players can create their own hunts or join other existing hunts. Users can also play more than one game at a time for unlimited fun.

Need to find someone receiving a trampoline wedgie? Grab your phone, head outside, snap a photo of your friends and that’s it. The item is instantly marked as complete and you’ve received 50 points. The overall mission of the wedgie hunts is to reach Master Wedgie Hunter status. As you complete wedgie hunts you will receive points, which will increase your status to different levels.

Best of all, at the end of the wedgie hunt you get to keep all the wedgie pictures and can share them via facebook, twitter, email or text.

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App Store
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Who doesn’t love a dare, well why not try a Wedgie Dare.  We are happy to announce that the Wedgie Dares App is now available for the iphone & ipad at the App store.  We’ve put together what we think are some pretty good wedgie dares for you to try and have fun.

We are in the process of coming out with several Wedgie Apps that we are really excited about.  We have one live now called Wedgie Dares.   Please check it out and give us some feedback.  Also let us know what you are looking for in these apps so we make them awesome!!!

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Get the best Wedgie Stories ever written, right in your pocket!

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Now you can enjoy these “byte-sized” masterpieces any time and anywhere.

Over 50 of the world’s best Wedgie stories included.

Wedgie Stories is the first application to bring classic wedgie stories for QUICK, EASY, and ENTERTAINING reading for ON THE GO or anytime.

Wedgie Stories is a must for any wedgie fan, or anybody, who wants to read some very entertaining, humorous and very embarrassing short stories.

No extra downloads required – all content included for your iPod Touch or iPhone specially designed for browsing, bookmarking, sharing and effortlessly reading this huge collection


  • Extensive and expanding library

  • Beautifully designed and easy-to-use interface

  • Easy browsing of stories
  • Mark any story as favorite
  • Email story
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, Email & More
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